What we do

Waterproofing Diagnostics is dedicated to providing accurate identification of waterproofing defects as well as detailed and independent advice concerning replacement and remediation of the failed system. We also provide professional consultancy services to Forensic engineers, Building designers and owners corporations for all aspects of waterproofing design, specification and quality assurance.

Our services cover a broad range of new and existing designs and structures including;

Residential strata plans

Large car parks & podiums

Balconies, basements & roofs

Our specialty, however,  is  assisting Owners corporations to make sound and cost effective decisions to ensure the water tightness of their homes.

Who We Are

Waterproofing Diagnostics was formed to provide accurate, unbiased and solution focussed information to clients in a timely and cost effective manner. Waterproofing Diagnostics is not associated with any contractors, manufacturers or other third parties and provides completely impartial advice regarding waterproofing issues.

The principal, Philip Serio is an internationally trained industrial chemist with more than thirty years’ experience in the chemical construction products industry. He has held senior  technical positions with major liquid and sheet membrane  manufacturers.

He has consulted on more than 50  large projects including multi storey residential apartments, hospitals and heritage remediation projects.

Working with Strata Units and Owners Corporations

According to the Australian Master Builders Association over 80% of building defects are attributable to waterproofing defects with strata units amongst the most affected.

Peeling paint, failing plaster linings and warped floor boards are increasingly common defects observed in both newer and old strata units. Water ingress can also lead to health issues from mould and mildew as well as anxiety for owners’  wondering when the next rain event is due.

Unfortunately for Owners Corporations, many repair jobs do not result in “fixing” the leak but rather patching up the problem only to have it reappear, often worse than before. Accurate diagnosis is critical in devising a permanent repair for any leaking building.

Leak Diagnosis


Accurate diagnosis and location of water leaks is essential to provide fast and permanent repairs. As well as location of the leak, Waterproofing Diagnostics will examine the condition of the membrane, detailing and compliance to relevant Australian standards.

Failing systems  can be electronically tested to determine their current integrity and the most efficient remediation strategy devised quickly. The faster the source of water damage is identified, the lower the cost of remediation to the client.

Quality assurance

Waterproofing Diagnostics can provide detailed electronic testing and inspection of newly installed waterproofing membranes during or immediately after  placement to ensure integrity and cover the client or installer for any post installation damage by after trades.

By testing on site during installation the installer is able to correct any potential defects immediately.

Sheet membrane testing

Lap joins, penetrations and terminations are crucial for welded sheet systems.

Electronic testing allows for fast and accurate identification of defects  where laps may have delaminated  so they can be repaired quickly and efficiently with the installer still under contract.

Leaks may even be detected through soil and other overburden elements, such as on green roofs or in planter boxes.

Liquid and spray applied membrane testing

Pinholes, low film builds and blistering are common defects with liquid and spray applied membrane systems. Our pinhole leak detection equipment and thickness testing equipment allows accurate identification of these defects from 30 -7000 microns at any time in the product life cycle.

Failure analysis

Accurate diagnosis of membrane failure is essential for the correct remedial application. Frequently failed systems are “patched up” to provide a short term remedy only leading to significantly more expense at a later date. Waterproofing Diagnostics can provide detailed information concerning remediation of failed systems resulting in lower maintenance costs, meaningful warranties and longer product life cycles.


Waterproofing Diagnostics can advise on appropriate waterproofing solutions for new and replacement applications as well as above and below ground installations.

We provide detailed product specifications and installation guidance.

Our expertise covers most common waterproofing technologies including:

  • Bitumen sheet systems (SBS , APP and blended systems)
  • Synthetic sheet systems (TPO , PVC , EPDM)
  • Liquid applied systems (Polyurethane, SBR, Acrylic, Styrene Acrylate & latex)
  • Spray applied systems (Polyurea , Polyurea hybrid and Methacrylate systems)

Our detailed knowledge of this segment also enables us to advise on:

  • Remediation systems for aged or failed membrane systems
  • Failure analysis
  • Compliance to specification
  • Fit for purpose compliance
  • Post installation warranty inspections

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